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Stone Walls

Stone walls can add a beautiful natural touch to your landscape. But all stone walls are not created equal. There are wet stone walls, built with mortar to keep the stones from moving, and dry ones that are built without mortar. Some walls are built with cultured stones and some with natural field stone, or round stone. All of these varieties of building styles have different strengths and weaknesses. We are happy to use our masonry experience to help you choose the best stone wall design for your property and budget.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great way to add interest to a landscape, while accommodating the needs of different ground levels or grades. Retaining walls can be built with extreme durability and ground holding capability. But careful planning is needed to be sure the type and build of retaining wall fits your landscape. Ground water runoff, soil type, and amount of traffic all factor into the design of a strong retaining wall. We can help plan and build retaining walls that will last and add beauty to your property.


Sometimes homeowners forget the class that a beautiful masonry walkway can add to a landscape. Their first thoughts may go toward concrete, asphalt or crushed stone. But masonry pavers can not only add beauty, but be relatively low maintenance. Unlike the cracking that happens to concrete and asphalt, pavers can stand up to ground movement due to frost. The pavers themselves tend to be durable, and the sand underlayment provides a forgiving base for them to lay on. Even if a few bricks become damaged, they can be replaced without removing the entire walkway.

But for a paving brick walkway to be durable, proper removal of topsoil, leveling and use of underlayment materials must be done. A poorly installed masonry walkway can shift and buckle. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help add a durable, beautiful paving brick walkway to your landscaping.

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Although Vermont summers are short, they sure are gorgeous! Make the best of your summer with a bespoke stone patio. A patio is the perfect starting point to adding outdoor cooking and living areas. Even if you want to keep it simple, a small patio can provide the perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee. A stone masonry patio may also be a good alternative to a wooden deck, which needs to be refinished yearly. When it comes to masonry, we’re not just here to do the work, we can help you design and realize the landscape of your dreams!


In Vermont, chimneys are a fact of life for many homeowners. Due to their exposure to constant heating and cooling, and the outside elements, chimneys really take a beating. And because chimneys are out of sight, they’re often out of mind too. To have a safe home, you need a safe chimney. We can diagnose and perform the needed repairs to keep water out of your home, and provide a safe outlet for your heating needs.


Outdoor firepits are more popular than ever, and some homeowners try to build their own. It’s no wonder, firepits provide a great place to relax with friends or make smores on a cool summer night. But several things need to be considered to make a safe and long lasting firepit, including the type of brick or stone used, the supporting structure, and the placement within your outdoor landscape. Give us a call and we can help you design and build a beautiful firebrick or natural stone firepit that will be sure to bring together your friends and family.

Father and son sitting warming their hands in front of a firepit built by FireBrick Custom Masonry

Custom Pizza Ovens

So many people love pizza, that many are considering ways they can make authentic brick oven pizza at home. Our wood fired custom pizza ovens are built using refractory fire bricks, refractory cement and heat resistant mortar. This pizza oven design and construction maximizes the heat storage capacity within the oven, resulting in nice even cooking with very little change in temperatures, resulting in easier cooking. We can produce built-in brick oven designs, as well as trailer mounted custom pizza ovens, perfect for the local caterer.