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We couldn't be happier with the performance of this company. Reasonably priced and highly skilled, I recommend you have Jordan take a look at your project(s). Totally satisfied!
Jordan was wonderful to work with. He completed a large job in a timely and meticulous way. The stonework looks brand new. I highly recommend Firebrick Custom Masonry.
Jordan was awesome to work with and very professional. He quickly got our chimney rebuilt even working thru very bad weather... We are looking forward to a long working relationship with Jordan since he provides many services we need... (chimney rebuild, repointing, patio hardscape).
Jordan was the consummate professional. His work is impeccable. Thank you Jordan for your efforts. Looking forward to future projects.
We had Jordan do some excavating for a driveway. The existing soil was...not easy to work with, but Jordan finished the project on time and on budget. We appreciated his written detailed estimate and regular communication during the work process. We will be using him again in the near future!

If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It

At FireBrick Custom Masonry we use time-tested methods to enhance your home or business. We take pride in building you a structure that will last not only for your lifetime, but for generations to come. Quality and customer service are our main focus.

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Our Masonry Services

Stone walls, retaining walls, walkways, patios, fireplaces, chimneys, masonry repair, fire pits, and custom wood fired pizza ovens.


Stump Removal


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Site Works


Our Excavation Services

Driveway installation and repairs, grading and drainage, septic, stump removal, trenching, and small building site works.

Stone walls, retaining walls, walkways, patios, fireplaces, chimneys, masonry repair, fire pits, and custom pizza ovens.

Driveway installation and repairs, grading and drainage, septic, stump removal, trenching, and small building site works.

About us

FireBrick Masonry & Excavation is a Vermont based, family owned and operated business. My name is Jordan, and I started learning masonry at the age of 17. I worked closely with an experienced masonry contractor as I learned the fundamental principles of masonry and fireplace construction as well as how to manage and operate a small business. Since then I have gone on to open FireBrick Masonry & Excavation and have used my masonry and excavation skills to complete many projects for my satisfied customers. These projects include building masonry fireplaces, new chimneys and chimney rebuilds, retaining walls, patios, pizza ovens, outdoor fireplaces, grading and drainage, septic repairs and installation, driveway installation and repair, land clearing, stump removal, trenching, and small building site works. Years of experience in masonry and small excavation have helped me to be versatile in meeting the needs of my customers.

My wife and I love the Vermont life! When I'm not doing masonry or excavation, we're caring for the animals on our small farm.

Recent Work

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If you thought this project looked good last year, check it out now with the grass grown in! 💯

New driveway, retaining wall and walkway holding up nicely for these happy customers in Charlotte.


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They say tomorrow is the start of spring 🌱

Whether your view reflects that or not, now is a great time to reach out and discuss your projects for the upcoming season!

Take inspiration from this beautiful walkway transformation using @pinehallbrick pavers 🧱

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Watch this cramped and crumbling driveway transform ✨

This customer reached out because water was getting into their basement due to poor drainage. We removed the asphalt and regraded the driveway to redirect the water and create a sleek new look.

Contact us today! Link in bio☝️

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#TransformationTuesday 🛻 🚜

After purchasing this house, our customer wanted to widen the neglected driveway. @FireBrickVT came in and laid a solid new base, imported new material and graded the driveway to create a cohesive look as if it had always been there!

In addition to masonry services we offer all things excavation:
-Land grading
-Septic installation & repair
-Driveway Installation & repair
-Land clearing & stump removal
-Small site work

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This chimney had already failed and crumbled when we received the call to rebuild. The customers are very pleased with the result! #firebrickvt #chimneyrebuild #masonry #custommasonry #vergennesvt #charlottevt ...

The FireBrick team spent a weekend in Boston and couldn’t help but admire the architecture and hardscapes all around the city, new and old.

Fun fact: The brick pattern in the first image is actually the bricks laid on their sides! This makes the path or road much stronger and able to support more weight.

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The second chimney rebuild on this lovely Charlotte home. It’s been a pleasure working for these awesome clients!

#custommasonry #chimneyrebuild #masonry #firebrickvt #brickmason #charlottevermont #charlottevt

First chimney complete at this beautiful home in Charlotte, VT! We removed the failing bricks, rebuilt it and poured a new cap to match its former glory.
Now on to the next one!

#chimneyrepair #masonry #custommasonry #charlottevt #charlottevermont #firebrickvt

Our first ‘reel’ to highlight this incredible walkway transformation in Charlotte!
@pinehallbrick @firebrickvt
#troweltrades #firebrickvt #custommasonry #pinehallbrick #brickpavers #brickwalkway #madeinvt #charlottevt #charlottevermont

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Snow Removal Service Area
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Availability is limited, so now is the time to sign up for snow removal.

Call 802-871-0051 today to order residential snow removal for the 2022-2023 season.

Residential Snow Removal

We are now offering residential snow removal in the Charlotte, VT, South Burlington, VT, Shelburne, VT area.

When it first snows, it’s beautiful and magical. After a few weeks into it however, it becomes a hassle and headache. When it snows you have to worry about: ice dams, removing snow from driveways, applying ice melt treatments to sidewalks, clearing pathways and parking lots, etc… No worries though, that’s when you contact us. We’re here for your Vermont snow removal needs.

​We offer three different options for our seasonal snow removal services.
1. Our first and most popular option is a per time plow. If a customer signs on with us for the season, we only service the site after 3” of snow has fallen. (or 2″ upon request) We keep records of how many times the site was serviced and then send out an invoice at the beginning of the next month. We invoice bi weekly unless previously discussed.
2. The second is a seasonal contract. A seasonal contract offers a whole season of snow plows.* Our snow removal season runs from November 1st through April 15th.
3. The third and last option is emergency calls. The customer that is not signed on for snow removal services for the season calls and asks for a one time snow removal.